Eclectically Vegas, Baby!

C.S.Morales will be among the authors in an anthology titled Eclectically Vegas, Baby! Eclectic Writings Vol. 3. The book is a fun collection of Vegas themed stories. Christina’s story is titled Peaceful Perspective. The book is available on and at selected bookstores. You may also order it directly from the publisher at For more information on the book and authors, go to the Inklings Publishings web page and click on the book cover.

Book Cover


offers time for reflection…

There is a tropical storm that should have been raging outside. We were warned a lion was on its way. We got a kitten. 

These are the times when you prepare for the worst and get the not-so-bad. I love these moments. I was ready to take on anything. My senses were alert. I was happy with the outcome this far. 

In life, when you are prepared. Things just go smoother, don’t you think?

“There is no wa…

“There is no way to express how important it is to know at least one person in your life whose love predates all other bonds, a person with whom a bond was forged by time and experience, rather than need or attraction. That relationship is one that remains true, despite long silences, distance, and the passage of time.” Kirabel Dux in the book INFIRM