some days suck?

What do you do when you feel you don’t suck, but every time you do something, you’re told it sucks? Does that mean I’m oblivious or does it mean that the measure of suck is too subjective???? How do you combat the sucky things in life? what keeps you going when you just want to crawl into the closet and suck your thumb?



so I read this book named Awkward. I have to say that the characters were great and real. The main character is clumsy and awkward. she gets utubed trying to perform CPR on a guy that she collides with. Funny, right? Except it’s embarrassing. Then she becomes a national sensation and goes on the Ellen show and sings with a Band and gets the most popular boy in school to fall in love with her. Great! I could relate up until the last part. When embarrassing stuff happened to me, mainly I was just laughed at for a few weeks and then it was over.That is until i did something else that was awkward.


So here is my hook…

The playlist of Alex’s life has just gone dark. Begrudgingly relocated to a small town, 15 year old ex-prep school pretty boy, Alex Falcon struggles to gain control over his life only to discover that the reasons for his misery are circumstances that involve dangerous secrets that his father has been hiding for months. Now that Alex’s playlist is playing love songs, what is he willing to risk to stay and what will he do when he finds out his father is not the only one with secrets? Will he also experience his first heart break?

What do you think? Sound interesting?

What I read this week

This week I read a book named Wintertown by Stephen Edmund. I loved it for it’s sweetness. The story draws you in with its cartoon strips- original! and just takes you through the decisions made by two young people whose time for love has not quite come. At the end of the book, you feel hopeful and good. isn’t that what it is all about? So read Wintertown.

Next, I’m reading Awkward. So far so good…

Hello world!

Hello World,

I would like to use this blog as a tool in my quest to open your world to books. I love books, always have. I love writing, always have. So I would like to share with you what books I’ve read lately and what I thought about them and I also would like to share my words with you.

I’ll share with you my ups and downs, of living life as a writer, mom of 3, and all the territory that comes with that. I’ll keep you posted on my progress and future projects.