Soulkeeper and Reckoning (strange Angels)

So this week I read an ebook named Soulkeepers by G. P. Ching with a very interesting premise and take on Angels. I really loved it. Interesting enough, the main character is a poor mixed race orphan who has to live in a tiny town where his uncle lives. The main character isn’t even a popular sort. In fact he only makes one friend. Total underdog fantasy fun!

Then, I read Reckoning by St. Crow. I think it’s the last book in the Strange Angels series. I, fell in love with that series right away with vamps, loup garous, and all sorts of creepy things. I read this book like a fat girl eats chocolate. Yummy. Only thing is the ending is not as final as a final ending should be. maybe she wanted to leave it open for book number 6 in the series.


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