Geek Magnet

I read a few books this week, among them the only one whose title I remember was Geek Magnet. Yes you can judge a book by its title. This is the tale of two geeks. It was the best of times and the worst of times…
Premise: basically what you expect. Geek loves jock, jock only sees popular girls. High school cool group determines dateability to jocks. No chance in geekdom. Enter cool girl with an agenda. Forget that she was the geek pied piper and could have not been shallow herself by dating one of the very many geek boys that cared for her already. Well it’s the story of about 3/4 of teenagers. In the end she sees the light! No cool boy needed, but hot geek wins out. Really? There are hot geeks? I give the book 5stars for title but 3 for content. In the real world, boys that age don’t care I’d a girl is popular if a girl is a geek if she has boobs. Agree or disagree?


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