Gone Girl

Normally, I steer clear of best sellers until they’re easier to get at the library. This was a book club pick. Can I say the ending was a surprise and most endings aren’t. Mmmmm. This book is like a chocolate covered pepper. You only think you’re about to get something sweet and normal.


Love love love Pitticus Lore

The Rise of Nine
By Pitticus Lore

How many of you have read this book?
So far it is my favorite of the series. Number nine is hot! And I feel the “nothing to lose” vibe flow through the book. It is narrated by the loriens and the multiple POV and locations drive the book forward in an action packed frenzy! Wow! As a writer, I wanna be as good as Pitticus Lore. But I guess you have to be an alien, huh? Tell me what you think. . .


Saving Grace by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Murder mystery meets How Stella Got Her Groove Back…

Pithy story about a female lawyer with a bad drinking habit and unrequited love who instead of rehab decides to find closure for her parents unexplained deaths. Tropical setting, interesting characters, funny one liners! Need I say more.