Shusterman o’ Shusterman

I’m in love with his words, style, and ideas. Neal Shusterman is the dude equivalent of Laurie Halse Anderson.

This past week I saw Unwholly on the shelf and picked it up. When I saw that this was book two, I decided let me get book one, right. Makes sense. Well book one had Bruiser reviews on it so I thought what the heck, might as well just take a look an see if we get along.

Well, I read bruiser first. Ouch! This book hit a few soft spots and then some. Poignant and powerful, and beautifully managed point of view switches.

Brewster is not a normal boy, he is a paranormal whipping boy absorbing the Bumps and scrapes of those for whom he cares. So, he tries not to care. Enter Tennyson and Bronte, twins. Bronte falls for the Bruiser and Tennyson as a brother decides this boy is bad news for his sister. Well everything falls into place and we see personal growth in all the characters, except the adults. Well maybe a little growth, but not much.

The idea I believe is that we should take our lumps in life and grow. Avoiding the hurt is just postponing the inevitable.

Well done Shusterman!

Then, there is unwind. I can’t even tell you how hard this book hits the main issue. No dancing around the campfire here guys, just step into it. It talks about the grey in all issues and how we like to paint things black or white, when we’re really just mucking up a canvas.

Just read it. You may become angry or say something like – unbelievable, but remember that historically people have done things and allowed unbelievable things to happen. Ex. Human sacrifice, cannibalism, crusades, nazi regime, communism. Oh yeah, societies were lead by and are still led by people who don’t always live perfect moral lives.

Yay Shusterman! I will be reading your long list of books.