Saving Grace by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Murder mystery meets How Stella Got Her Groove Back…

Pithy story about a female lawyer with a bad drinking habit and unrequited love who instead of rehab decides to find closure for her parents unexplained deaths. Tropical setting, interesting characters, funny one liners! Need I say more.


Geek Magnet

I read a few books this week, among them the only one whose title I remember was Geek Magnet. Yes you can judge a book by its title. This is the tale of two geeks. It was the best of times and the worst of times…
Premise: basically what you expect. Geek loves jock, jock only sees popular girls. High school cool group determines dateability to jocks. No chance in geekdom. Enter cool girl with an agenda. Forget that she was the geek pied piper and could have not been shallow herself by dating one of the very many geek boys that cared for her already. Well it’s the story of about 3/4 of teenagers. In the end she sees the light! No cool boy needed, but hot geek wins out. Really? There are hot geeks? I give the book 5stars for title but 3 for content. In the real world, boys that age don’t care I’d a girl is popular if a girl is a geek if she has boobs. Agree or disagree?

So i read a book…

So,I read a book called the boy who met Jesus. How many of you read? Who takes the time any more to enter into another person’s story? Are we all stuck in our own story, immersed in our selves? Maybe, we read to escape our own story because it isn’t satisfying enough? Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, we read to learn about life without making all the mistakes ourselves. OR we just love the idea of zombie demons getting decapitated (YEAH- jana oliver’s last demon trappers novel). By the way about the boy who met Jesus, it was so amazing that i couldn’t believe it was true so i went online to look at the stories and wow! wow! wow! tell me what have you read lately and why do you read?

Soulkeeper and Reckoning (strange Angels)

So this week I read an ebook named Soulkeepers by G. P. Ching with a very interesting premise and take on Angels. I really loved it. Interesting enough, the main character is a poor mixed race orphan who has to live in a tiny town where his uncle lives. The main character isn’t even a popular sort. In fact he only makes one friend. Total underdog fantasy fun!

Then, I read Reckoning by St. Crow. I think it’s the last book in the Strange Angels series. I, fell in love with that series right away with vamps, loup garous, and all sorts of creepy things. I read this book like a fat girl eats chocolate. Yummy. Only thing is the ending is not as final as a final ending should be. maybe she wanted to leave it open for book number 6 in the series.


so I read this book named Awkward. I have to say that the characters were great and real. The main character is clumsy and awkward. she gets utubed trying to perform CPR on a guy that she collides with. Funny, right? Except it’s embarrassing. Then she becomes a national sensation and goes on the Ellen show and sings with a Band and gets the most popular boy in school to fall in love with her. Great! I could relate up until the last part. When embarrassing stuff happened to me, mainly I was just laughed at for a few weeks and then it was over.That is until i did something else that was awkward.

What I read this week

This week I read a book named Wintertown by Stephen Edmund. I loved it for it’s sweetness. The story draws you in with its cartoon strips- original! and just takes you through the decisions made by two young people whose time for love has not quite come. At the end of the book, you feel hopeful and good. isn’t that what it is all about? So read Wintertown.

Next, I’m reading Awkward. So far so good…