“Someone said, …

“Someone said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” Wrong . . . “Life is like a jar of jalapenos . . . what you do today can burn your ass tomorrow.” Brannon’s Law quote from ch. 16 of Lon Glenn’s yet to be released second book. Can’t wait for this!!!


“There is no wa…

“There is no way to express how important it is to know at least one person in your life whose love predates all other bonds, a person with whom a bond was forged by time and experience, rather than need or attraction. That relationship is one that remains true, despite long silences, distance, and the passage of time.” Kirabel Dux in the book INFIRM

Wordy People


So, you like words . . .
This is the book for making your words jump. That’s right, it’s a verbalicious book on verb usage. I know. A verb is a verb right? No! A verb is the most exciting thing in a sentence. Everything else. . . Well is a person place or thing right? Maybe an article, or a descriptor? But the verb shows, moves, makes the sentence alive. It brings the noun to life for the reader. The book by Constance Hale – Vex, Hex, Smash, Smooch Let Verbs Power Your Writing is an essential book for anyone who loves reading, writing, or who cares about the power of their words. I cannot believe this is not floating around every writers conference!

Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

This is a best selling YA novel by a known hard hitter on young adult issues.
How can I say how much I loved this book without sounding like i’ll stalk the author. It is a book for young men and women, but mostly guys. So sharp and well written. I loved every character, every comment and especially the bad deed done before the start of the book. Hey, boy books don’t make people cry because they are written not to, but this book is a slap in the face to every supposed boy book out there. It is real and powerful.


Saving Grace by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Murder mystery meets How Stella Got Her Groove Back…

Pithy story about a female lawyer with a bad drinking habit and unrequited love who instead of rehab decides to find closure for her parents unexplained deaths. Tropical setting, interesting characters, funny one liners! Need I say more.

Geek Magnet

I read a few books this week, among them the only one whose title I remember was Geek Magnet. Yes you can judge a book by its title. This is the tale of two geeks. It was the best of times and the worst of times…
Premise: basically what you expect. Geek loves jock, jock only sees popular girls. High school cool group determines dateability to jocks. No chance in geekdom. Enter cool girl with an agenda. Forget that she was the geek pied piper and could have not been shallow herself by dating one of the very many geek boys that cared for her already. Well it’s the story of about 3/4 of teenagers. In the end she sees the light! No cool boy needed, but hot geek wins out. Really? There are hot geeks? I give the book 5stars for title but 3 for content. In the real world, boys that age don’t care I’d a girl is popular if a girl is a geek if she has boobs. Agree or disagree?